AcroYoga – Blue Sky Black Death

Published on Apr 5, 2016
This last weekend I felt stronger, had better timing but softer after the workshop that we took from Dane and Caitlin. I am super excited to share the skills and techniques that were taught but more importantly the philosophy that is behind it all. They started the workshop talking about that we all have the same goals of success. That no one is purposefully sabotaging the trick . When we remember that we have the same goal of success it is easer to talk to each other as a team and not with confrontation. So it is with life… we are all trying to move forward, we often bump into each other but not with the purpose of sabotage. And often we actually share the same goals of pursuing happiness.

We had fun with these tricky transition in this sequence. We first saw Hannah Scarff working this sequence and she gave credit to Joshua and Stacey from Portland.