AcroYoga – Starship

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. – Mark Twain

Yesterday I read an article that had some awesome thoughts from Sylvie Curci. She said –
I agree that a good acro partner is someone who values trust — which is earned through shared experiences over time — and is dedicated to improving. But I also need my partner to be playful. I went through many years of my life chasing blue ribbons and perfect 10s — but acroyoga is about having fun and truly being present in the moment.

I absolutely love this answer and agree fully. If I was to add one thing it is kindness. It means a lot to receive a complement, to have a helping hand when you are on the floor and to give feedback in a way that can be revived as a gift.

This AcroYoga washing machine is called ‘Starship.’ It was created by Gregory Shapovalov and Kuzma. We as always added our own flair to it. Over all it is pretty tricky and hard to smooth out. Give it a try and as always use spotters.