AcroYoga – Twisted Man Child

In partner acrobatics often time the same lesson needs to be learned in different poses. This morning we were working on a sequence that was really uncomfortable for Ashlee and I was struggling to reach her in the same transition. Once I began to really bend my knees and be more receptive the sequence became comfortable for both of us. This same learning process has happened before. Why does it keep happening? My answer is it is natural to push against something that is pushing into you. It takes mental effort and muscle memory to soften when receiving someone’s weight.

I think it is a beautiful lesson for me. When I encounter new things I can be ridged. It is only when I become receptive that the learning process unfolds.

This is AcroYoga – Twisted Man Child. It is a play off of the AcroYoga washing machine ‘Twisted Star Child.’ We took out two of the steps that are in the original sequence. It both makes it more challenging to learn but smoother once all the kinks are worked out. Give it a try and use spotters when working on new or challenging skills.