Namaste by Nature – AcroRise

My path to partner acrobatics was 100% yoga and I fell in love with taking my practice in the air. Finding AcroYoga has led me to a path of all things Acro. I have a cheer teacher, acro dance teacher, circus coach, hand to hand mentors and I take AcroYoga any chance I can.

I am absolutely an AcroYoga washing machine junkie. I LOVE learning a new one any chance I can. I have had the goal to learn a new one everyday but that has been a little to ambitious with all the other things I am also working on.

The first time I made up an original washing machine I was soooo proud of myself and didn’t think it would ever happen again. Now it is a fairly common occurrence. I love my washing machine mentors. Here are a couple that I have been watching almost daily for inspiration on Instagram: @yogacro @acromegaman @ladybase_
@jordothegreat @filchyboy

This video is an original washing machine that Ashlee and I call it #NamasteByNature. Give it a try and make sure you use a spotter when learning new tricks.