#RestoreNRenew Day 2 is Opening the Neck It is the perfect season to open up the neck. Change in weather tightens up our muscles. Lay your head on a rolled up blanket and or yoga mat. Make the roll large enough to support the neck but small enough that it doesn't over stretch the neck. Aim so that the chin will be stacked right above jaw line. Relax and stay for several minutes (no longer to avoid over stretching the neck). See @treehouseohm for more details on this pose. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To participate and be eligible for a prize: 1. Follow and tag all hosts and sponsors listed above and use the hashtag #restorenrenew in your posts 2. You will need a set of tennis/racquet balls or yoga tune up balls, a few blankets, yoga blocks or books to act as blocks, and a bolster and strap if you have the available 3. Use new photos only please, do not tag old photos 4. Repost this flyer and tag 5 friends below 5. Have as much fun as you possibly can Hosts: @yogawithsherry @treehouseohm @playfulpractice @ladiboomyogini Sponsors: @Fractal.9 @AmeliaKYoga of #PranaVidaStyle @HuggerMuggerYoga and our very own @YogaWithSherry

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